Rapunzel is 5 years old and has been with us since she was 8 weeks old.  Our then 5 year old daughter named her after her favourite Disney princess, and her first litter of puppies had Disney-themed names.  Her parents are both Field Trial Champions and she is from a long line of KC certified dogs.  We have her own KC certificate to show her breeding.  Rapunzel is a very calm and very obedient dog – she even stayed still long enough to star in an advertising campaign.  She loves swimming, eating and walking (she’s done all of the Three Peaks) and is very active. She had a very easy pregnancy and birth with her first litter and stayed with the puppies in their whelping box until they were 7 weeks old.

Rapunzel retrieving
Rapunzel on the beach
Rapunzel’s ad campaign
Rapunzel and Tetley climb Ben Nevis