Week 4 – weighing and measuring

The puppies are now all very different and their personalities are coming out much more. There’s a big difference between Eliza who is very dainty and Rocky who is definitely the biggest.

Angelica. Length 55cm, weight 1625g.
Buddy / Lenny. Length 48cm, weight 1425g.
Charlie at 4 weeks. Weight 1500g, length 47.5cm.
Eliza at 4 weeks. Weight 1325g and length 46cm.
Freddie at 4 weeks. Length 48cm, weight 1700g
Jack at 4 weeks (now in blue collar). Weight 1800g, length 51cm.
Rocky at 4 weeks. Length 53cm, weight 1900g.

Week Three

They’re getting bigger every day. The difference between the biggest (Rocky) and the daintiest (Eliza) is getting more pronounced.

Angelica. Weight 1325g.
Freddie / Cooper – weight 1500g
Jack / Cooper – weight 1425g
Eliza / Persie – weight 1075g
Rocky / Opie – weight 1625g
Buddy / Lenny. Weight 1225g.
Charlie. Weight 1325g.

Week Two Pictures

The puppies opened their eyes this week and they all met their new owners.

Freddie (new name Cooper). Weight 1100g at the end of week 2.
Charlie. Weight 1050g at the end of week 2.
Buddy (new name Lenny). Weight 1075g at the end of week 2.
Jack (new name Cooper). Weight 1300g at the end of week 2.
Angelica. Weight 1200g at the end of week 2.
Rocky (new name Opie). Weight 1350g at the end of week 2.
Eliza (new name Percie). Weight 975g at the end of week 2.

2018 litter – growing up

We’ve kept in touch with lots of the puppies’ new owners and received pictures of them as they grow up.

Billie (now Olive) age 5 months

MacKayla (now Amber) at Christmas

MacKayla (now Amber) with her training certificates

Bolt (still called Bolt!) aged 4 months

Tiger (now called Cooper) enjoying Christmas

Harry (now Sully) hanging out on his new sofa

Florence (now called Amber) with her new companion

6 weeks old

This week they all had their third course of worming.  One more to go, and next week they’ll all have their first round of vaccinations ready to go to their new homes.

They’re growing very quickly now.  Getting them to sit still and weigh them is very difficult!

Bolt – 41cm long

Venus – 42cm long

Tiger – 40cm long

Harry – 42cm long

Florence – 35cm long

McKayla – 45cm long

Billie – 37cm long

Hamilton – 43cm long

Feeding time

The puppies are all on solid food (mixed with puppy milk while their teeth still develop), and feeding times are the highlight of the day!

End of week 3

The puppies have all opened their eyes and are starting to walk around now.  They can’t walk very far and their legs still collapse under their weight occasionally but they’re getting visibly stronger and bigger every day.  They don’t leave Rapunzel’s side and she spends most of her time laid down feeding them and sleeping.

Their colours are becoming much more distinct – McKayla and Florence are very pale yellow, Billie and Harry are the two darkest.

Next week they turn 4 weeks old and start on puppy food.