Our four year old chocolate Labrador (Tallulah) had a litter of puppies at the beginning of September after mating with Tetley, our fox red Labrador.  She’s had four boys and four girls and the theme of this year’s puppies are Marvel Comics. There’s a page set up for each of them (under the Puppies tab) and we’ll update their pages as they grow.

We’ve had litters before with our other Labradors.  All three live at home with us and both Tallulah and Tetley can be seen with the puppies. Our previous litters are still available to view under the Puppies tab, listed by themed litter (example here – https://www.yorklabradors.com/billie/).

Our previous litters have sold within two days of being advertised for sale, so get in touch if you are interested in reserving one and tell us about your background.

Previously we have encouraged the new owners to come and choose their puppy and then we suggest (distance permitting) that people visit their puppy as often as they can during the 8 weeks they remain with us.  We have a secure, private area with sheltered and heated outdoor space, so as long as social distancing is maintained at all times we hope that people can come see them.   We weigh them every week, and we send regular pictures and video to their new owners. We have had previous litters during lockdown and some of the new owners didn’t meet their puppy til pick up day but we kept in touch via regular video call and lots of pics and video (if you want to speak to any of them about how this experience was, let us know and we can put you in touch).

Further COVID info here – https://www.yorklabradors.com/2021/02/28/having-a-litter-during-covid/

We’ve kept in contact with lots of the new owners who send us pictures and keep us updated on their progress – see https://www.yorklabradors.com/2019/01/27/previouslitters/ and https://www.yorklabradors.com/2020/08/10/previous-litters-some-more-pictures/ for some pictures.  We have loads of pictures of previous puppies that we can share, and are still in touch with many of the new owners. Two even have their own instagram account (search for Rufus the History Hound and Lady Luna The Labrador to see how they’ve grown from puppy into dogs!).

The puppies will be ready to go to new homes during the October half term holidays.  We’ve written a post here about their time with us and the progress they make, as well as further info on what happens when you take them and what to expect: https://www.yorklabradors.com/2020/08/11/what-happens-when-you-collect-your-puppy/

Labrador Puppies in York For Sale

The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed suited as a retriever-gun dog. Also just known as a Labrador, it is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States. Originally, the breed developed from crossing Newfoundlands, mastiffs and the St. John’s water dog in Canada.

It’s natural ability in cold water and great swimming agility, made them perfect for water. The Labrador was originally trained to receive fishing nets off the coast of Canada in the 1800s.

Life span: 10 – 14 years
Origin: Newfoundland
Weight: Male: 29–36 kg, Female: 25–32 kg
Temperament: Outgoing, Intelligent, Gentle, Even Tempered, Trusting, Agile, Kind
Height: Male: 57–62 cm, Female: 55–60 cm

About Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers make great family dogs.  They need plenty of  exercise, lots of love, swimming and fetching games. They are perfect to get you out and about, as a quick walk once a day won’t do.

A Labrador is one of the best dogs for children – Labrador Retrievers are kindly, good-natured, and take most situations in their stride. With training, they will put up with annoying cats, distractions, other animals and even walk by your side off lead.

Most Labrador Retrievers are very friendly with everyone, though compared to Golden Retrievers, many Labs are just a bit more conservative with their affections. They are slightly more independent and responsive to obedience training. Some have necks like bulls and will easily climb the UKs three highest mountains carrying their own food and water supplies in packs.

The Labrador Retriever matures slowly, remaining a spirited teenager for several years, which can be fun… but will require patience and training to manage.

The best traits of Labrador Retrievers:

• Large, effusive and enthusiastic
• Coat is short and easy to care for
• Fun and cheerful
• Loves exercise and athletic activities
• Even tempered and dependable
• Peaceful with other animals
• Eager to please and responsive to training

Possibly the not so good traits!
• Needs exercise
• Potential rowdiness. Will jump up when young or not exercised enough
• Mouthiness – carrying and chewing objects


10 days in

Everyone is putting on weight and feeding well. Tallulah has a bed outside the pen and is constantly in and out checking on them (and sometimes sneaking off to her normal bed when she thinks no-one is looking). There’s a big range in weight, from 350g up to 750g.


Our Labrador puppies are available from the end of October when they turn 8 weeks and are £2000 each.  All can be reserved with a £200 deposit.

Contact us for more information: info@yorklabradors.com